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Founded in 1931 by Arthur John Maiden, the company is about to celebrate its 80th anniversary. This is no mean achievement, and one we could never have achieved if it was not for our core value of providing a quality service at a realistic price. Having said that, the company could not have survived if it didn’t embrace new ideas and new technology as the transport industry has evolved. Whilst we are mindful of reaching this great milestone, our sights are firmly fixed upon the future, and ensuring that A.J. Maiden & Son Ltd is still delivering exceptional service levels to its customers for the next 80 years and beyond!

A.J.Maiden & Son Ltd is still a family business, in the hands of the 4th generation of the same family. Amongst the work force we have many drivers on the team who have seen the evolution of the company into its present incarnation, having served in excess of 25 years, over 30 years in one case! Several members of the office team have been with the company for 15 years or more, low staff turn over, and a common aim; to provide our customers with a cost effective high quality service underpin the longevity of the Company’s success.

In 2010 an investment of £2million saw A.J.Maiden & Son Ltd move into a purpose built facility in Deer Park Court, Telford, a short mile from Junction 4 of the M54, placing us much nearer to our numerous Telford based clients, and providing a larger home for our fleet, which had outgrown our previous base in Allscott. The new facility was designed for our operation, with a suite of offices, a warehouse, truck wash and refuelling facilities. Aquila trucks also operate from the Deerpark Court site, where we have several service bays and a Ministry of Transport approved MOT centre for large goods vehicles.

The fleet now numbers some 74 vehicles, mostly 44 tonne articulated vehicles, but with the commencement of operations as a member  of Palletforce in November 2010, we now operate a growing number of rigid vehicles. New vehicles are sourced from MAN trucks, our relationship with their local dealer, Aquila Trucks, led to Aquilla establishing a service centre at our premises providing maintenance for our fleet and other operators in the area.  Amongst the fleet we have 14 dual fuel tractor units which operate on a mix of LPG and standard diesel, a reflection of our environmental policy and our persistent drive for efficiency. The trailers are a mixture of standard single deck curtainside trailers and a number of double deck trailers, we also have a low loader trailer, and specialised units such as refrigerated trailers are currently hired in as required. As a sign of mutual commitment between our customers and ourselves, many of the trailers carry the livery of some of our clients, borne out of the fact that we visualise ourselves as an extension of our clients business, not just a run of the mill supplier.

Our operations are broadly split into three fields of operation, General Haulage, including Contract Distribution, Pallet distribution through the Palletforce network and Warehousing and Storage. You can find more details in the “our services” page of the web site. We are certain that whatever your transport requirements are, we have a solution that will work for you.

In one year our vehicles travel in excess of 5 million miles on the roads of the United Kingdom, put into context, that’s three and a half times around the world, every week!

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